Smallprint Online is unfortunately no more. It was always my intention for Smallprint to be a ‘thing’ of constant change, a personal project that could take any form it wanted to, a completely flexible space. For that reason, I will be discontinuing the current format. But also for that reason, Smallprint will always exist in some way or another.

Through this current format I’ve been able to share a tonne of great music with you which if needs be, you can access through the archive. I’ve also been able to talk to and share the work of some of my favourite visual artists, you can read the interviews listed below!

Thank you to Vince for helping out with the music section of the website, thank you to all the artists who contributed and of course, thanks to you for reading!


Questions with…

Tom Moglu

Ben Parks

Ben Vossler

Viewpoints with…

Ky Anderson

Morgan Blair

Anthony Cudahy

Ryan Stewart Nault

Pat Perry